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How to Add a Product to #shopalocal

Adding a product to #shopalocal manually is a cinch. If you don't have Etsy or Shopify or would like to manually add your products to our marketplace, this is your "How-To".

From your dashboard, hover on the main navigation "Products" and click on "Inventory."

On this page you will find all your listed products, along with their status.

product inventory

To add a NEW product, click on the red button in the top right corner, "Add Product." You will land on the form that is used to add your product details. Follow along as we break down each option.

Add Product Dashboard

Product Details

Choose Product: Select "Normal Product." 

Enter a name for your product in "Product Name."

Enter the type of product it is under "Product Type."

Under Description, enter a detailed description of your product. 

From the tags bar, select as many of the relevant tags available. 

Product Details

Shipping Details

Ignore this box.

Pricing Details

Enter your current price under "Price." If you are offering a sale price, the sale price is the amount entered here as well.

If your product is on sale, enter the normal price of your product under the "Compare at Price.

Price Details

Inventory Details

Check-off "Do Not track inventory." If you are not using "Check-Out" on Shop a Local, ignore the other fields.


Custom Fields - Direct Link"

Enter the direct link to the purchase page on your website where someone can complete the purchase of the product here.

Product Image

You can upload up to 5 images at a time. Please ensure the images are clear, quality images.


If you'd like to particpate in a specific collection we are promoting, select this collection from the drop-down.

Hit "Save Changes" and your product will be submitting into our queue for review.

Note: Allowing us to review your products before we push them live ensures that everything is functioning as intended and your brand is represented in the best light possible on #shopalocal.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to