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How to Configure Canada Post Shipping

First you need to enable Canada Post Shipping from your Shipping Options. Select SET-UP >> SHIPPING METHODS. Click on the three dots under "Action" in the Canada Post Shipping Row, and select "Enable."

Now you will have the option to configure Canada Post Shipping from the SET-UP menu. Click on the Set-Up menu tab and the Canada Post Shipping will appear in the drop down.

Now, as soon as your customer proceeds to checkout, they will be able to view the shipping methods on the checkout page. 

There will be two cases:

Case 1: A seller from Canada is shipping to a Canadian Address. In this case, domestic shipping is applied.

Case 2: A seller from Canada is shipping to an address outside Canada. This is the case when international shipping is applied and buyers will get international shipping options to choose. Example: International Parcel Surface, International Parcel Air, etc.

Therefore, they can choose any of the shipping methods and can proceed to checkout.

How to Create Pick-Up Request: 

Follow the instructions here: How to Create Pick-Up Request

Order Tracking: 

You and the Shop a Local Administrator can track the order from the Fulfillment Details section of the Order Details Page.

SALES > ACTIVE ORDERS > Order Listing > View (Action) > Fulfillment Details Section (refer the image given below):

Shipping Label

You can also generate the shipping label from the orders section of your account.

Sales >>Active Orders>>click on view button in the “Action” section on the front of order ID>> Generate Shipping Label.