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How to Configure Flat Rate Shipping

First you need to enable Flat Rate Shipping from your Shipping Options. Select SET-UP >> SHIPPING METHODS. Click on the three dots under "Action" in the Flat Rate Shipping Row, and select "Enable."

Now you will have the option to configure Flat Rate Shipping from the SET-UP menu. Click on the Set-Up menu tab and the Flat Rate Shipping will appear in the drop down. From this page, you can turn shipping status on.

How to Create Shipping Range

Go to SET-UP >> SHIPPING METHODS and click on the three dots in the row for Flat Rate Shipping and click, range detail.

From here, you're going to first create your shipping ranges. Then you will set the rate for the ranges by country/province.

Click on the green "Add Shipping Range" button. Choose whether you'd like to add range by price or by package weight. You can add up to 8 shipping ranges.

You can edit and delete ranges at any time.

Once you've set your ranges, click on "View Shipping" then "Add a Country"

From here you can proceed to select countries & set different shipping rates for each country & their states based on price or weight of the product.

To edit Shipping Ranges & Countries at any time go to:

SET-UP >> SHIPPING METHODS >> Click 3 dots under action on the Flat Rate Shipping Row >> Range Detail >> View Shipping