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How to List your Product on Sale

Putting your product on Sale in the #shopalocal Marketplace is super easy. 

From your dashboard, hover on "Products" and click on "Inventory." If you're updating an existing product, click on the 3 dots on the far right, and from the pop-up options, click Edit. If you're adding a product, follow along in How to Add a Product to #shopalocal.

To add a sale, navigate down to "Pricing Details." If you have multiple variants, you will need to update the variant. Click on the three dots next to the variant that is on sale, and click on edit. Navigate to "Pricing Details," in the variant window.

PRICE: Enter your current price under "Price." If you are offering a sale price, the sale price is the amount entered here as well.

COMPARE AT PRICE: If your product is on sale, enter the normal price of your product under the "Compare at Price.

Price Details

When you hit save, the product will be resubmitted for review.

NOTE: To list a sale, your corresponding product page, must also align with the current sale price.

Once approved, your product will be listed as an item on Sale in the Marketplace.