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User Guide: Pop-Up Shop

How it Works

The Pop-Up Shop works like your standard marketplace (similar to Etsy, Amazon), where you list your product on the marketplace and they can be purchased on from Shop a Local website.

Allowing customers to purchase directly from Shop a Local improves conversion rates by removing additional steps to complete in the purchase process.

What's unique about Shop a Local, is that we provide the option to opt-in individual products to the Pop-Up shop, in addition to a full-stop shop. So if you'd prefer to send traffic to your website, i.e. the window shopper experience, you can do so and only put a single product in the pop-up shop.

However, if you are an Etsy User, we require all products to be listed on the pop-up shop to improve the purchase experience for your customers.

Benefits of the Pop-Up Shop

With the Pop-Up Shop you can sell up to 50 different products at a time on Shop a Local with an extended reach across our channels including:

  • Shop a Local Instagram Shop
  • Premium Social Media Advertising Placement
  • Shop a Local Pop-Up Shop Section of our Marketplace
  • Shop a Local Mobile App (coming soon)
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program Participation


The cost of listing an item in the pop-up shop is 15% commission. This commission fee also covers transaction fees. When the transaction occurs on the marketplace, the total amount minus 15% commission is transferred to you by Paypal.

Note: 15% commission is on the product price only. We do not take 15% commission from your shipping fee.

Set-Up & Configuration

You can activate your pop-up shop in a few steps:

  1. Set-Up Payment Method (How you'd like to receive your funds)
  2. Select Your Preferred Method of Shipping & Configure
  3. Activate
    1. Add the Pop-Up tag to your product;
    2. OR send us an email to with the subject line: Pop-Up Shop Ready, and we'll put all your products in Pop-Up Shop Mode

    Have questions? Shoot Bianca an email ( or book a 15 minute time slot for a one-on-one chat using this link: