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Pop-Up Shop: How To Configure Store Pickup

First you need to enable Store Pickup from your Shipping Options.

Select SET-UP >> SHIPPING METHODS. Click on the three dots under "Action" in the Store Pickup Row, and select "Enable."

Now you will have the option to configure Pickup from the SET-UP menu. Click on the Set-Up menu tab and the Store Pickup will appear in the drop down where you can configure the store pickup details.

#shopalocal Admin >>SET-UP>>Store Pickup Set-Up

Toggle "Want Store Pickup" to ON. Click Save.

Add Location

As soon as you enable this tab, you will have the option to create store pickup locations.

You can create multiple store pickup locations. These addresses will appear when a customer selects a product that offers store pick-up.


Configuring Default Options

  1. Select whether you'd like to set default settings for all your products or if you'd like to select product by product, i.e. if you'd like to use different options for different products.
  2. Do you want to offer your customers both store pickup + delivery options, or just store pickup?
  3. Select the default option selected, if you chose both store pickup + delivery.

In case you want to enable the store pickup option for all the products, the Store Pickup option will be available for all the products.

If you'd like to set the Store Pickup option on specific products then, you can simply choose the option as “Specific Product” from the drop-down menu.

Adding/Editing Products

Once you've selected the “Specific Product” option, you will have the option to choose (Delivery + Store Pick-up) or Only Store Pick-up or Only Delivery while adding or editing any product.

Thus, you can set different options for your customers on each product. 

You'll be able to choose your Pickup Location from the location(s) you have added.  

How to Add Additional Pickup Locations

You can edit, disable, delete the locations added. Moreover, you can add more locations. From the main navigation go to SET-UP >> Locations.


Your Pickup Location list will be found here:

Now you're all set up! Remember, you can change the details of these settings at anytime.