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About Beauty Tech Cosmetics

Beauty tech cosmetics is more than a beauty company. It is a passion project created by a family to celebrate individuality, the power of science and your unique beauty. Our mission is to share your stories, experiences and the real people that use our products, because we believe in 100% authentic marketing. Every cent we earn goes into sourcing our products sustainably and scientifically developing the best ingredients and formulations. Educating everyone on the power of probiotic skincare and natural, high quality ingredients is our goal. And, since we are all about YOU, we only feature the real people that use our products, because you are the best, most genuine marketers we could ever ask for. With this inspiration and our passion for science, we worked to create skincare products that could benefit everyone and their skin. 

​With no outside funding, we pooled together our money to develop our first products; antimicrobial makeup brushes, and probiotic & peptide skincare. The three of us worked together on every part of our products, from each ingredient to the hand-written cards that you all read in your packages. Our goal is to use our platform to educate everyone on how everything you put on your skin matters. 

 We customize our bottles and hand-package every order to make sure that you feel as special as you are. Recharge and re-energize your skin to hydrate, plump and nourish it, so you glow, wherever life takes you. 

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