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Hello! I'm Bri, Baroness of the BOOZHE empire - a venture born out of time in captivity, during a crazy pandemic life. You're probably like me and have a preference for anything that's, whelp, extra. It's actually an innate tendency, I think. But don't worry, you're in super-fab company.

We're pretty new. Like, just launching new. When everyone and their neighbour's began hoarding toilet paper, making sourdough starter and insta food influencers inundated us with the pantry cooking movement ("gotta use up those those pantry staples!"),  I leaned toward the pantry staple option (God knows I can't eat sourdough everyday and I wasn't hoarding toilet paper pre-pandemic, so why start now?!).  So, I opened up my pantry and received instant confirmation just how bougie I actually, really am.

It's one thing to self-identify.  It's another when people provide affirmation. I kept hearing how much my friends wish they could quarantine at my house when they saw the food I was creating or became recipients of the overflow. You see, my pantry staple living isn't exactly like everyone else's: Yes, I do just happen to have truffles in carpaccio, salt, oil, flour and paste form on hand. Dried edible rose petals, lavender blossoms and foraged juniper berries? Yup, those too. Wild ramps? No problem, I've got preserved and pesto versions from last spring, and I'll be harvesting this years' again pretty soon. Vanilla, of course - is your preference for Madagascar or Tanzania, purchased during last fall's trip? Raisins? FORGET IT. Raisins are fillers for where the good stuff should be, such as high quality, ethically sourced chocolate block shavings or Montmorency cherries from France.
It's a bit extra, I know. But that's just how I roll.

With this came an idea to inject elevated luxury into some other grain based food items that I could eat on the daily. So, with the soft encouragement of my ultra bougie friends, I open my pantry for you all to enjoy some basic recipe staples, elevated in a not so basic way.  

Welcome to BOOZHE - where the bagels are couture, granola is for the non-granola and anything extra is served haute.

Xoxo Stay bougie,


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