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About Plentea Inc.


We opened our tea bar in 2016 in The Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto because we found that - outside of our own homes - we were never satisfied with the tea selections and flavours in the city. Our desire to start this business grew out of the recognition that tea can be absolutely amazing when crafted with care, creativity and respect. Our tea bar gained recognition as Toronto’s go-to place for phenomenal tea creations and deliciously fragrant tea blends. 


This isn’t your grandma’s cup of tea! At Plentea, we believe that creating unique tea blends is an art form and an experience for the senses. We ethically source our teas and meticulously select all of our ingredients before making it to your cup so that each blend is as bold, delicious and fragrant as possible. We take our teas seriously, and our loose-leaf selections encourage you to create the perfect, personalized cup of tea every time. 

Our beautifully crafted tea lattes are what made us stand out in Toronto. Each latte was made-to-order, with passion, time and care put into each creation. As dedicated Tea Tenders, we will continue to create teas and recipes that blend familiarity with ingredients you wouldn’t think of – it will always be our passion. 


When COVID-19 hit the city, we were one of the businesses that had to shut down. Since then, we have shifted our direction and vision to be completely online, creating packaged signature tea blends for our vibrant community of tea lovers. 

At Plentea, our slogan has always been "Make New Patterns." We believe in doing things differently, in challenging the expectations of our business, goals and products. Our new online direction has enabled us to think of the global tea community and express our appreciation for the positive relationships inspired by a genuine love of tea.

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    Assam Black Tea Chai

    Plentea Inc.
    Assam Black Tea Chai
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