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About Serein Selection

Our goal is to promote healthy living. Whether it's mentally or physically, we all want a positive lifestyle. In our everyday lives, some of us get so caught up in our routine, we forget to take care of ourself. We're all so busy that we begin prioritizing other parts of our life and lose track of time. 

Well, this is why you can rely on Serein. We carry a selection of natural skincare products as well as some interesting reads! All products are made with natural ingredients and are highly revolved around essential oils. Natural remedies have become our best friends and we'd like to share those with you. Oils extracted from plants not only feel better to the outer skin, but benefit us internally as well. 

Whether your skin is dry, oily, damaged, itchy, has wrinkles, blemishes etc. we have a solution for it all! 

After a well relaxed skincare routine, why not grab yourself a book to read? What better than smooth, glowing skin and a peaceful mind right?

The Selection

  • Turmeric-Honey Face Mask
    Turmeric-Honey Face Mask

    Markham Markham
    Serein Selection
    Turmeric-Honey Face Mask
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