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About The Green Tea Shop

Throughout our years in Japan, the soothing aromas and delicately balanced flavours of locally-sourced green teas enriched our appreciation of daily life. We came to understand that savouring green teas help us to connect to the world around us.

Properly brewed, quality Japanese teas bring our senses to life and help us to become tranquil. Living in Toronto, Canada, now, we want to bring those experiences to people outside Japan. 

We believe that traditional methods of preparation are valuable, and we have simplified them so that everyone can enjoy the subtle aromas and flavours that mean so much to us.

We source the finest green teas from award-winning producers in Kyushu, where we previously lived. Our goal is to introduce you to new flavours, and to the enriching experience of making superb teas, using traditional brewing methods made simple.

From the moment your journey with us begins, we’ll introduce you to many varieties of tea, preparation methods, and ways to enjoy your new favourite drink. To ensure you enjoy every step of the process, we’ve clarified and simplified the brewing techniques, imported irresistible teas, and added tasting notes to guide you in your explorations.

Welcome to authentic taste with a modern twist!

The Selection

  • Sencha - Kanayamidori & Okuyutaka
    Sencha - Kanayamidori & Okuyutaka

    The Green Tea Shop
    Sencha - Kanayamidori & Okuyutaka
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