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Collection: The Spice Trader

About The Spice Trader

Our herbs, spices, seasonings and pantry items will make a tremendous difference to your cooking. You will notice that the flavour of our spices and seasonings are more intense, as we buy and blend all our herbs and spices in small batches, so they are always fresh and at their peak. So, use less than you normally would when first using them. Due to their freshness, our spices offer up a complex taste profile and character unmatched by regular super market spices, not to mention bulk spices.

To bring you only the best herbs and spices, we spend a considerable amount of our time sourcing and trying all the spices before adding them to our inventory. No sugar or salt (unless clearly marked). We NEVER use any preservatives, fillers or MSG in our herbs, spices or seasonings. All our spices are NON-GMO.

Our name and our logo are our brand. We do not sell any other brand of herbs, spices or seasoning blends. We mix and prepare all of our seasonings and blends by hand and in small batches, so they are always fresh. We list all of our ingredients so there are no hidden surprises. 

All of our spices are packed in our own air tight Spice Trader Tins  (100 per cent suitable for recycling) with closable shaker tops. We decided to use tins for our spices, as they are both traditional and practical. They keep both the light (a spice killer) and air out, which helps to keep them as fresh as possible. 

Spices were traded locally, and then along the silk road for ages. We were asked to do a presentation of silk road spices by the ROM during a March break, and during our week long stay realized how everyone loves the story and history behind the spices. We continue to trade silk road spices, and spices from almost all the continents.

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