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Q: When setting up my Seller Profile, do I need to add a store description?

A:Yes! This is a chance to tell a little story about your brand and gives shoppers a chance to learn more about you.

Q: Do I need to include a logo, profile picture and banner image?

A: A logo and banner image are mandatory but adding a profile picture is completely up to you! Adding a profile picture will give your page a more personal feel as shoppers like to see they are buying from YOU, a local. NOTE: The banner image must not contain any text.

Q: Do I need to add a direct link to my store's social accounts?

A: This option is up to you! If you feel your social accounts have content shoppers would like to see, feel free to add them.

Q: How does our app work with your existing Shopify or Etsy Account?

A: There is a sync for Shopify and Etsy, so you can sync your product details directly to Shop a Local. To install this sync, you can create your own private app as per the directions here:

Shopify: (or we can install it for you through our Shopify partner portal)


NOTE: Product names often require several key words for SEO on Etsy but be sure to shorten your product name when adding it to the Multi Vendor Marketplace App. You can add tags to the product instead!

Q: How do I upload my products if I don't have Shopify or Etsy?

A: Visit: Note: The Pop-Up Shop Subscription allows for buyers to buy directly from our site.

Q: Do I need to add tags to my products?

A: Yes! Tags will make finding your product easier for shoppers. For example; if you're in Toronto and your product is a Cotton Sweater, you would add the following tags: Toronto, Apparel, Fashion.

Q: Do I need to add images of my product?

A: Yes! Products should include at least one image and must not contain any font.  

Q: What if my product comes in multiple sizes and colours?

A: When adding a product, you are able to add multiple variants under "Variant Details".

Q: I've added my products but they aren't live yet?

A: Before your products go live, our team must approve them - don't worry, we're on it! NOTE: Please remember to add a direct link to your product!

Q: What if my product is now on sale? Can I change the price?

A: Yes! Visit: for a step-by-step outline on how to mark down your products. NOTE: If your product goes off sale please remember to update the price.

Q: Which currency should I use for my products?

A: We are Canadian and proud! CAD is the standard currency used on #shopalocal so please make sure to list your products in CAD when adding or syncing products.

Q: Is shipping offered on #Shopalocal?

A: Shipping fees are set by the seller and will vary product to product.

Q: Are returns offered on #Shopalocal?

A: Returns should be handled directly with between the seller and buyer.