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Reach New Customers & Generate More Sales

We open a whole new sales channel for businesses like yours by making it easy to find and rewarding to shop products from local brands online. Shop a Local is a digital shopping experience powered by Expert Digital Marketers.

Digital Marketing at Scale

Improved Sales Conversion

We shorten the path to purchase, making it easier and more convenient for shoppers to achieve what they came for: purchase a product or service from a local.

Increased Visibility

From marketplace search to social to trending items & special events, your products will be served up to shoppers in multiple ways, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Built-in Marketing Support

We're experts in digital marketing. From actively driving quality traffic to building a loyal community of shoppers, we know how to create the demand to ensure your success.

"The Shop a Local team has created a great venue showcasing local businesses. Through Shop a Local, I’ve been able to reach a much wider audience than I typically do, and have generated sales that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m looking forward to seeing how Shop a Local grows and evolves with their selection of local Toronto businesses."

- Antonia, Owner & Creative Director, The Loved One

How it Works

When a merchant connects to the Shop a Local Marketplace we are able to centralize, curate, publish and promote their products across all our digital channels, based on buying behaviour, extending their reach & increasing sales.

Products can be found:

  • By keyword searches & various neighbourhood navigations
  • Instagram Stories & Posts, Shopping Guides, & Shop
  • Facebook Stories & Posts, Collections & Shop
  • Pinterest & TikTok Campaigns
  • Paid advertising on social media
  • Google Search
  • Shop a Local Mobile App (Coming Soon)

We do things differently.

Product-First Marketplace

The #1 way online shoppers find new brands is when they are looking for a specific item. As a product-first marketplace (vs. Business Directory) we attract shoppers further along in the buying journey. By searching for products on the Shop a Local marketplace they can easily discover more local options.

Transaction Destination

Shoppers can complete the transaction on your site or on ours with the Pop-Up Shop. The choice is yours, depending on your business goals. This provides more flexibility for businesses not wanting a "pure" marketplace, but a way to get in front of those who are actively shopping.

Love Local Rewards Program

Millennials are more likely to stay loyal to a brand because of loyalty rewards than any other generation, so we built-in a loyalty program. One that rewards for shopping local. The more you love local, the more you earn.

The Pop-Up Shop

The pop-up shop streamlines the buying journey and improves sales conversion by allowing browsers to check-out products directly from Shop a Local.

Here's what's different: the feature can be on a single product or all products. It can last for a day or forever, providing a flexible and economical solution for businesses at varying stages and goals.

Pop-Up Shop Products receive extra attention throughout our network, from preferred search results to our Instagram shop, & rewards program.

Also - coming soon - pop-up shop products will be available exclusively on our mobile apps.

Ready to get started?

Easy to connect.

Whether you decide to advertise with a Greeter, Window Shopper or Pop-Up Shop, set-up is only a few steps away.

Sync Your Shopify Shop

For a no-hassle integration connect your Shopify site to the Shop a Local hub with our private app and automatically sync price updates & inventory changes.

Not a Shopify User? That's ok! We have other integrations available. Including Etsy.

Plans & Pricing

What kind of experience would you like your brand to offer?



Pop-Up Shop

$9.99/month + 12.5% commission

Sell up to 50 products through the Shop a Local network. Participate in our rewards program & sales campaigns, and extend your brand's reach across our digital channels.


Window Shop


Drive traffic to your store. Advertise up to 10 different products on the #shopalocal Marketplace so they can be found through search & curated collections.


Window Shop PLUS


In addition to what you get with the Window Shopper, PLUS extends your product advertising across our social channels, from our shops social feeds.

Not ready? Submit a FREE Greeter.


We Love Local & Our Happy Customers

As a new small business in Canada we were looking for platforms to build brand awareness and local presence. Partnering with Shop A Local did just that! It helped us get more visibility locally, it increased traffic to our website and grew our Instagram following all within a short period of time. The team at Shop A Local are real people with a passionate goal to create an arena for Canadians to buy local and they are doing a pretty great job at it!

Pari, Owner, Crunch+Toot

Being part of "shop a local" as an artisan or maker is a rewarding chance to showcase your work. They provide a digital shopping experience with expert knowledge on marketing your items. The on line shop is continuously being updated with Trending Items. The products featured compliment all makers. There is an easy integration of products from an existing Shopify shop.

Julie, Owner, Reflections of Mine

The platform is super easy to use and very intuitive to navigate through. I especially appreciate that the Shopalocal team is very supportive and provides me the strength to continue my small local business. The promotions and marketing support that is provided is extremely helpful such as being featured in gift guides and giveaways.

Rubiya, Owner, SomethingMishtee

Join over 275 local brands & 1500 products. You're in good company.