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Collaboration is an important part of our strategy in helping small businesses GROW.

To us, partnership means evolving together as a community, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal: growth.

And success for us is aligning with associations, technology, and software providers with a similar purpose of supporting the growth of Canadian independent small businesses.

Our Partners

As part of Shop a Local's commitment to giving back, we are proud to announce that we have made a donation through The Upside Foundation of Canada. We’ve pledged a small portion of equity for charity, which will convert to a donation to a charity or cause (TBD) on a successful liquidity event in the future. Shop a Local joins hundreds of companies who have pledged, from whom over $1M in charitable donations have already been realized, with many more to come. Learn more and join us by visiting #sharetheupside

Want to Collaborate?

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