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Alpaca Fleece Bird Nester Lantern - Unique

Alpaca Fleece Bird Nester Lantern - Unique

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We are offering bird nester lanterns filled with alpaca fleece from our farm's alpacas.

Alpaca fleece is ideal for nesting material as it wicks water when wet and quickly dries as well as being super warm and cozy for the nests.

Each lantern comes filled with ~1 oz of alpaca fleece and the lantern is approximately 4-5" tall and comes ready to be hung.

These make a great gift for bird lovers and can be refilled and reused every year.

Each option featured here is individual and only one is available, once it's gone, it's gone.

  • We are a small family run farm located in Goodwood. We raise free-range chickens for meat and eggs, grass-fed beef and alpacas.

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