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Moonstone Fragrance Wear (Gold)

Moonstone Fragrance Wear (Gold)

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Lava Stone and Rainbow Moonstone Ring

It’s all about new beginnings. Wear this timeless moonstone ring for the strength to tackle new beginnings. Apply essential oils or fragrance like rosemary directly to the lava stones to generate the energy to conquer all challenges in life.

  • 18K Gold dipped
  • 6 mm Lava stone 
  • 3 mm Rainbow Moonstone

*Note: most perfumes or sprays are made with earth/plant extracts, just like essential oils. Explore the world of fragrance to reap the benefits of every scent you use.  

  • Inspired by her grandmother, jewellery is now an innate part of who Athena is as a person. Athena is always pushing the envelope; trying to think of exciting ways to improve her designing skills and inspire others. Every piece of her jewellery is art, as they each encompass a stunning shard of lava stone and a beautiful fragrance that lasts for hours.

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