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Lavender Room Fragrance
Honam Naturals Riverside ROOM & LINEN FRAGRANCE

Lavender Room Fragrance

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Lavender Room Fragrance:
  • It enhances the mood.
  • A strong anti depressants and anti anxiety properties.
  • Use the scent of Lavender to freshen laundry
  • Do not use on the skin, or close to your eyes as this is only for your room or laundry.
  • Honam is a skin care line that practices sustainability non toxic living, our choice of aluminum containers is not only light weight, resistant to heat and cold, but most important it extends the shelf life and lifespan of the product. The cans are best to recycle and repurpose thus putting less strain on the environment.  All our body butters contents are organic, most s cold pressed raw butter, Vitamin E, and non Nano oxide which is safe for the environment and also the product stays on your skin and not ending up in your blood stream like most store bought Sunscreens.  The butters stays on your skin and acts as a between your skin and the sun. All products were made for all skin types’ especially for your family’s sensitive skin in mind.

Local Owner
Naana Daniels