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Mindfulness Duo

Mindfulness Duo

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'Living in the NOW' would be the biggest and the most meaningful lesson that anyone could learn. Being mindful of our every action not only makes our experience worthwhile but also gives that somewhat satisfaction feeling that cannot be explained.

This duo consists of essential oils that may help you in taking that much-needed break from the clutter of your mind and you may be able to enjoy your bath at the fullest living absolutely in the present moment mindfully.

1) a DIP o'clarity - to focus & meditate (Infused with Sweet Orange & Rosemary Essential Oils)

2) pause, LATHER, breathe - for easy breathing (Infused with Eucalyptus essential oil)

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    Every Bath Kit has a bath bomb, bath soak and bubble bath packed in the exact quantity needed for a splendid bath. All you have to do is empty all the contents in the bathtub, light a candle and jump right in!

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