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Youth (pleated)

Youth (pleated)

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Our youth pleated 4-lay mask has three layers of good quality silky soft Japanese quilting cotton, one layer of non-woven polypropylene, nose wire, soft adjustable elastics and the Backyard Studios satin tag to help with orientation.  Size is ideal for teen, tween, youth and adults with smaller faces. It is cut approximately 1" smaller on both sides in comparison to the Adult pleated masks and about the same size as a regular disposible mask. 

Pleated masks haven't been as commonly offered but are extremely breathable as the fabric and polypropylene is somewhat structured and provides a space in front of the mouth to aid in breathing, rather than fabric that gets sucked in when you take a breath. When anchored on your nose with the nose wire, they don't move when you talk and it's not necessary to constantly adjust. 

The construction and materials are the same as the regular masks (except that newest adult and youth pleated masks with polypropylene no longer have a filter pocket).  Available for a discounted price of $12.50 each, we request you make a minimum purchase of two sizes and limit of one mask per size.  


  1. Adult (pleated)
  2. Youth (pleated)
  3. Child 6-10 (fitted)
  4. Child 2-6 (fitted)
  5. Adult (fitted) *new*
  • Due to the nature of the product, all items are final sale and not returnable. Seller is offering free contactless porch pickup near Bayview & Eglinton. Free non-contactless delivery in the Metro Toronto area or Free Shipping for orders of $100 or more. 

    This is not a medical product and the Seller does not warrant it's use or effectiveness against viruses or germs or accept any liability. All efforts are made to adhere to and exceed guidelines established by the CDC. 

  • Canadian emerging artist and retired interior designer creating unique and thought provoking original work.  Having spent over 25 years working in the design, construction and real estate fields in the financial core of Canada's largest city, I have a unique perspective which I express in my work.

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